A warm hello.  If you are here you are possibly considering my bodywork.  I was professionally certified in 1996 in
San Francisco, California.  I did professional massage in California for many years.  Here are letters from some of
clients.  I offer 1 or 1.5 hours of a combination of Swedish/Deep Tissue or 1 to 1.5 hours of Chi Nei Tsang.  The
charge is 3000 Kenya Shillings for 1 hour, 4500 for 1.5 hours.  Please contact me on my cell at 0737254120 (or WhatsApp)
or maverick08@earthlink.net.  Over 20 years experience.  

Swedish/Deep Tissue in a beautiful and tranquil space near Annex 3 Riara School, Riara Rd. near to Naivasha Rd.  Riara Road
runs behind Nakumat Junction.
                                                                            WHY GET MASSAGE?
A good massage calms the mind, defuses tension, eases disease, and transports you to a surrendered, altered state.  The
purpose is to unknot your body and get energy flowing through your subtle system.  Massage smoothes all the spots where
you hold, clench, or have remnants of past injuries, kneading out stress so it doesn't age you.  If you don't have body work,
where do you think the stress goes?  Your body will just get tighter, more rigid, and more contracted each year - not a pretty
or healthy way to age.  Instead, why not become more fluid and flexible? Muscles and tissues also house emotions and
memories.  For instance, massaging your shoulders can stimulate an emotional catharsis and emergence of past memories
lodged there.  You want these to surface and to be released.  Physical manipulation is often necessary to achieve this.  During
a massage, if you are moved to cry or laugh, let it flow. If other emotions such as anger or joy surface, surrender to these
too.  Don't inhibit yourself.  It keeps you young to clear out negativity and stress that otherwise sap your energy.